Monday, 21 December 2015

The 4th Advent Fete Paves The Way For Father Christmas To Arrive.

A lovely coffee & cake affair to mark the occasion.

Lighting the forth candle on the advent kranz is a big deal in our part of the world. A time to reflect and also a time that bubbles up excitement and joy. Christmas is a mere days away and that alone makes most of us forget the everyday humdrum and tunnel in on Christmas.

Some can't wait to open the presents, some can't wait to see the faces of those that do and some just love the few days of rest and feasting on the seasonal treats.

The fete was in the community hall and homemade cakes and for that matter wine were on offer.

Sometimes I wonder if my fellow villagers actually realize how fantastic it is to live among so many winemakers? Well, I for one don't take it for granted and often reflect upon my fortune over a glass of local wine!
The cakes were so prolific that to make a choice was not easy for me, the Gemini. Eventually I settled on a Black Forest Cake and it was amazing in taste and funnily enough also made by Silvia, who I sat next to. She was happy.

The choir, Like a Rainbow performed a small set and it brought home the feeling and atmosphere of the season. Nice. At the end of their performance, the mayor said a few words and I thought it was wonderful when he told us about where the proceeds of the afternoons feasting were to go to.

Our village has many clubs and committees and the advent event was hosted by the Keep our village beautiful club. Naturally I assumed that a new flower bed or a display would be bought but the mayor announced that just like the previous years, the ladies would take the proceeds and buy gift vouchers at the local supermarket and give these to people in our village who don't have enough.

Isn't that great? Often we assume that just because we can have a lot of things, that others have the same fortune...not so. Wouldn't it be a nice idea if all of us were to make a plate of biscuits, cake or put together a food parcels for someone in our peripheral who perhaps hasn't got a lot...