Sunday, 6 December 2015

Vienna: The Charm Of The Viennese Captured On Celluloid.

The charming excellence of the Austrian Movie Industry: Vollywood?

Gosh, I can still remember the times in my youth, when I was addicted to watching Austrian movies. Those classics made in the 1930's and usually with that icon of Vollywood, Hans Moser. An actor in his own class and still bringing posthumous joy to countless movie fans.

Hans Moser Classic Edition [5 DVDs]

As you know, we have been living in Burgenland for the last 5 years, and as would be the same all over the world, counties are often denoted by the accent spoken. Even the villages in a 50 km radius from us all have their own distinctive patois. Imagine, poor Bob trying to get to grips with this...but he is!

In a way, my ears have always been attuned to languages and accents, which has been helpful to say the least. Of course it is easy to distinguish the spoken Austrian from the spoken German
( on paper they are the same ) but somehow, I can pick out a proper Viennese accent a mile away without even having to glance at their car's number plate.

Recently, Bob and I have had the pleasure of getting a six months series & movie subscription for free and we are in the midst of gorging ourselves on them. Luckily, there is a treasure trove of Austrian movies and series. The real McCoy! Many Saturday afternoons have seen me entranced with the charm of life in Vienna.

But, Vienna is a mere city of concrete after all, and it is the calibre of Austrian Actors, that make it so enchanting and enslaving. They are actors, who still act with expressions ( might they have escaped the Hollywood lure of Botox? ), mimics, shoulder shrugs and they all manage to emit in their own wonderful way that special something, which makes Vienna so great.

Often, the lives depicted have a touch of Utopia about them, but watching a bit of Trautmann / Der Aufschneider / Schnell Ermittelt makes me wonder whether we don't all try and make our lives more complicated than they are? Taking the time to enjoy a cup of coffee, a small schnapps and or perhaps a glass of wine coupled with a bit of real conversation ( sans Smartphone ), can dispel many a dark mental cloud.

Trautmann: Die komplette Serie (Neuauflage) [5 DVDs]

As much as I have admitted to being a Viennese fan, there is one place the Viennese are not that attractive: Behind the wheel, they are a bane for us villagers...they drive around our gentle, quiet rural treasures as if they are back on the Gürtel or any other fast moving streets in Vienna...Perhaps the Viennese can learn a bit of patience from us humble villagers!

Viva Vienna...!


Aufschneider [2 DVDs]