Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Winter That's Just Not Happening Yet.

Yet, it is still stunning to behold.

The pond across the road has many romantic spots...alas, Bob and I have yet to take a picnic basket and recline on the divine edge. Of course my Schatzi has spent many a Sunday morning with The Boys at the clubhouse on the other side of the pond.
The hues of nature never disappoint. Does Mother Nature have a stage manager?
Ah, those reds! A beacon of hope, gladness and beauty despite the bareness of the trees and shrubs around it. Nice.
A spot along the edge of the forest made me smile. These odd bits of colour are wonderful to stumble upon. Yes, it is just a mere tuft of yellow blades defying the cold, but to me it shows that even in the midst of starkness, beauty abounds.
When you see it realistically, it is a lonely leaf that has been coated in a dusting of ice, but as I was about to step over it, the sun's rays made contact and made it light up like a diamond in the street. Absolutely stunning and almost bordering on the divine...