Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Apart From World Class Wines, We've Got Romantic Scenery.

Even without sunshine, there is beauty to be noticed.

It wasn't quite raining, but the fog was so soupy, that the tear drops of nature were forming on the branches. A cloak of mystery was masking or rather enhancing, nature.
Wouldn't you also agree, that many a Vampire Series could easily have been filmed here. As poetically romantic as the fog makes the forest, even I had a quick look over my shoulder in case a creature of sorts would appear out of the foggy nowhere...
Perhaps, this path is best taken with a friend. Not because of potentially running into Edward, Jacob, Damon or Stephen, but unlike Rome, not all roads lead to home......last seen heading into the woods...
The last surviving leaves, do so in a spectacular fashion. They are clinging on for dear life and they pepper the forest with a hint of colour.
A yellow beacon showing the way. Who needs breadcrumbs?
At first it is just twig with leaves, but on further contemplation, it is an entry way into your thoughts. Endless possibilities of happiness, which is what we all need in our turbulent times.