Friday, 4 December 2015

Mad About Our Cat Or Just Plain Mad?

Who's the boss now?

It didn't take very long for our little Maus to have wriggled a permanent place in both of our hearts. Sometimes I wonder whether both of us haven't morphed into those parents who give in and buy the screaming kid that chocolate it screamed about?, because let me tell you, the little Maus has early on discovered her vocal cords and who to use them on.

When she wants something, she can put on a heart rendering performance of a string of meows, that has both of us run and do at her bidding. Hook, line & sinker

So far we've held on to the last bastion of privacy and our bed is off limits to her, but not the bedroom. When we do fall asleep, she tries to hop ever so casually onto our bed, but she has realized that Mummy is a light sleeper and has ears like a bat!

As Bob so wisely stated the other day:

" I bet you that when we both are asleep, she jumps on the bed! "
Of course I have my suspicions that if that were to happen, Bob would keep quiet...

The three of us have settled into a domestic routine and are loving it. She is a well behaved cat until the witching hour strikes and then, she at times joins them. Mad dashes around the house, squeaky toys ( don't ever buy those ) being hurled about, the odd crashes and then suddenly silence!

Recently, I have noticed how Le Bob mumbles a quick Morning Schatzi at me, but almost waxes lyrically towards the Maus, asking her how her sleep was and he then sits with her for ten minutes cuddling her. Even when he gets home from work, the main recipient of his attention is our little Maus ...

But, worldwide there are plenty of husbands who adore their cats and often more than their wives...perhaps because the cat doesn't answer back or reminds them about putting dirty clothes inside the hamper, or ask them to clean the floors?

All jokes aside, both of us love being cat people and even though we might seem a bit mad to some, there are legions of cat-lovers who understand the power of a strangled Meow, a gentle feline headbutt and a sudden unexpected cat appearance on the couch next to you, and staying there long enough to be cuddled...

Just in case you are wondering, we still have our Tigger and pamper her daily, but as she has never allowed herself to get closer than two meters to us, we've never had a chance to cuddle her.