Thursday, 3 December 2015

On The Morning Of The 1st Of December, There Was Only One Sound Heard In Our Village.

And very early in the morning too.

Children are notorious for sleeping as long as they can or rather as long as they can get away with and from it. It being a shout from the parental wake up squad. Coupled with this newly discovered craze of computer gaming, it seems to makes it near impossible to get a child up early.

Yet, I have heard from the various horses' mouths, that on the 1st of December, they couldn't wait for morning to come. The props that made all this enthusiasm possible had been lined up on bedroom shelves, kitchen sideboards and various locations around the house a few days before. Almost beyond temptation!

Oh yes, the mighty Advent's Calendar will have children of all ages agog for the next few weeks. Some have the old fashioned chocolate variety and some have the Lego type and a lucky few have both.

The first window to be opened is usually also the most exciting because it is still new. This Tuesday morning, the whole village was a backdrop to the ripping sound of cardboard and the

" Oh, look what was in my little window! "

Admittedly, even I was tempted to return to the environs of my childhood. Was there ever anything more exciting than that little bit of chocolate each morning? But, I have seen them advertise an Advent's Calendar for the whiskey loving crowd...a different bottle each day and why should we grown-ups not have a good time leading up to Christmas?

Secret Speyside - Whisky Miniatures Advent Calendar
Lego Star Wars 75056 - Adventskalender

The rituals of our childhood are so special and it really doesn't matter how old we are, the moment we see an Advent's Calendar, we are transported back to a time when we were the children and a time where life wasn't so fraught with this, that and the other.

We only had two worries to lose sleep over:

  1. Waking up early each morning in order to insure that our siblings didn't " mistakenly " open our calendar too
  2. and that Father Christmas would bring us the right gifts...