Friday, 18 December 2015

Shoe Horn, Chausse-Pied Or Schuhloeffel.

However you describe it, it is jolly useful.

Most of us know this aide from seeing it dangling around in shoe shops ( yes dangling on a string for the off chance that someone would pilfer it ) when we try on closed shoes. Winter boots especially are rather a tight fit and often we wouldn't get into these boots without one.

I have never really had a shoe horn of my own and to be frank, in my mind I did think that it was an admission for growing older. What, me, a shoehorn....still too young...

When my Dad visits he brings a whole stash of shoe horns. Shoe horns of every description it seems and luckily he forgets to take them home. Last year I decided to give one of his shoehorns a try and have never looked back. You have no idea how easy it is to put on trainers.

nico Schuhanzieher aus Metall 70 cm (sehr stabil)

The one I have is almost a meter long and apart from tying my shoelaces, there is no need to bend down. Shoe horn in at the heel section of the shoe and a quick slide into it. The bonus of it is that none of my trainers get that hideously frayed heel fold. Who hasn't slid into their shoes without bothering to keep the heel part straight? Many a trainer has morphed into a slipper!

Perhaps I am wrong, but I do think that with the use of my shoe horn the life of my trainers have extended a month or so at least.

In our oh just throw it away and buy new ones society, most of us don't know that it is easy to mend something that seems broken. A hole in your can darn it. Our parents generation grew up in tough times, times where most had nothing be it food or clothing. The mere idea of throwing anything out without first repairing it has never crossed their minds.

Instead of teaching Geometry, Science and Trigonometry to children that clearly aren't ever going to use it in life, we should start having real old fashioned Home Economics classes. Teaching how to mend, knit, be polite, cook & bake from scratch ( bread, meals or jams ) and perhaps the art of writing letters by hand might be a good idea. Oh, and how to live within your means.


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