Saturday, 19 December 2015

Shopping Local, We Should All Give It A Go.

Sometimes it's easy to forget...

At the moment we can get nice eggs from free roaming chickens just a few meters down the road. We've had one tray and we could tell they were from happy chickens, as they varied in size and colour. Yes, two of the eggs had a green shell, seriously, and it took both of us some persuasion to eat that particular egg.

Each and every day I either walk or drive past their yard. They have ample room to run around in and a few trees to try and fly into. It does make it more special to see where the eggs are coming from and each egg from there tastes better because I know that we are supporting local.

The hardest part is remembering to go and get them and I have to admit it is easier in a supermarket to just grab a tray of eggs...but I don't.

Luckily for me, where we are the other local produce is wine and pumpkin seed oil. Imagine if Le Bob and I had moved closer to Jennersdorf ( 50km south ) and the famous Zotter chocolate factory? Supporting local would have disastrous affects on our waistlines...

Do I even need to write about how fabulous it is to live smack bang in the middle of a wine producing area, never mind the fact that mum makes an amazingly divine red Blaufränkisch wine? Aah, one doesn't need much in life after all!

As for our pumpkin seed oil, it is in high demand the world over. When Bob went back to S.A. recently, the pre-orders for bottles of the green gold had been placed. As the orders were from men only, the folklore of it must have spread.

Pumpkin seed oil is supposed to give men more energy!!!

Christmas has sadly become an almost silly season of shopping and buying with the real meaning lost. Instead of buying gifts that support the Chinese Economy, why don't we buy something that supports our own local producers, economy and therefore jobs? Wherever you live in the world, a safe choice would be a food basket with some vittles from your area.

All of us love getting a food basket and it is a gift that can either be used up or passed on. Our area in Burgenland has the fortune of having ample local produce to stock a gift basket with...


" I am Your Father...!

Some of the happy chickens down the road.
Huey, Dewy or Louis perhaps? Too cute for words...