Thursday, 2 June 2016

A Leisurely Tractor Ride Through Eisenberg's Vineyards.

What a great way to sight see and enjoy life.

By pure chance did I happen to be there when this group of tractor enthusiasts chortled down the road. A lovely sound and an even better sight. What a fabulous way to travel and really enjoy the journey not only the destination...
There were all shapes and colours of tractors but I missed quite a few of them. Nevertheless, all the people on the tractors were happy, smiling and relaxed.
Each and every tractor was gleaming brilliantly. The vintage tractor owners are enthusiasts to the core and I think in their own way they are showing us that life should be slowed down and noticed...
The slow food movement's cousin?

As you can see, it was a beautiful and hot day. Perfect to meander about our scenic vineyards and I am sure they stopped at one of the local Buschenschanks to refuel...tractor and themselves!
This might just be my kind of tractor...well, if you look closely you can see a barrel of wine on the back of it!
On second thought, I think this one might be more suited for me. A shady spot indeed.
Maybe we should all sign up for a tractor ride, as it might show us that the slow way can be good too...