Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Bees Are Back In Town!

A buzz is in the air everywhere...

It might look just like another bee story to you, but I am so glad to hear their happy buzz. Without bees, how would we eat?
Our front step has morphed into a front row seat...we planted two small lavender plants a few years ago and they have taken roots despite the at times less than optimum treatment.
This is the content lavender outside our front door. The fragrant, heady lavender fragrance presents a wonderful welcome as we walk into our house.
Even without their constant paper weights, the combination of green with purple is magnificent. These blossoms are slowly opening up and each day the lavender becomes more intense in colour.
Well, there is one of the paper weights making sure we've got a steady supply of crops.
Perhaps they like our house because it still is with old doors and mostly unadorned with modern chemicals. Having neat houses and gardens does entail a lot of harmful chemicals. Paints, plastics, weed poison and the list of bee killers is endless...

One could almost use the well worn idiom:

Cutting off our noses to spite our faces.
Our collective trait to have everything look perfect ( for eh, who actually? ) might endanger nature even more.