Friday, 1 July 2016

An Early Morning Walk In Eisenberg.

Already rather warm.

We've had one of those weather weeks that thousands would pay muchos dineros to pretzel themselves on some beach which is packed like a can of sardines. Personally I have never understood the urge to smolder for hours next to a row of like minded souls and then spend a fortune buying anti aging creams....what's the point?

Most weeks I go and meet a lady from Eisenberg and we walk and talk among the vines. Yes, I really did hear it on the grapevine... With foresight, we changed our usual 9am to 7am and even that was already rather warm. Sometimes we turn left at her house and sometimes right, but regardless all roads lead to and through the vineyards. The only difference is who we run into along the way.

Contrary to the capitals of the world where one goes about one's business never catching anyone's eye ( in case of what actually? ) like on subways in London or New York ( those are the only one's I have ridden on ) here we love to make eye contact and even more so love to stop for chat and often a news update.

Yesterday at the end of our normal walk, we added on a loop into a lane less traveled and were deep into a conversation when I noticed a movement at the top of the vineyard. This particular one is so steep that even tractors can't traverse it and it is also the part of the hill where the top quality wines have their start. Location, location, location.

When I looked more closely, I realized it was Bob, who was working there. He waved and we waved back even though he was a few hundred meters away. Despite wearing my new optical sunglasses, I did a surreptitious turn to see if there was anyone behind us, in case it wasn't Bob. Of course it was Bob.

Lovely, yesterday's walk garnered us: 2 chats, 5 nods of greeting from passing motorists, a barking serenade and a long vigorous wave from Bob....a nice start to our day.