Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Weird & Wonderful Adventure Of Feeding Our Cat.

Frustration and tears often not far away.

Our little Mausi is such a spoiled princess and I fear that the Bobster and I are to blame...It started out innocently enough but I have a feeling that most parents might have done the same.

When we first fetched her from her digs the only shop open that Saturday afternoon stocked one type of cat food and that's what she got...and ate. Once we ventured a bit further in our foray for cat food, the plot thickened.

We made the fatal mistake and stepped foot into a pet emporium which has numerous isles of cat food, cat food to pander to every cat's dream and every cat owner's wallet. The Bobster and I only had to take one glance at our little Mausi and she had both of our hearts at her feet. That is a good thing, but alas we tend to want to give her the best...

Now, we have reaped what we sowed...a finicky eater. At times we both dread giving her a portion of whatever, as she takes one sniff, coupled with that accusing stare directed our way and meanders off. Many a time we've had to bin her food because she wouldn't touch it. Naturally I gave her the Starving cats in Africa speech, but to no avail.

In between the finicky times there can be days where she eats all that is put in front of her. Those are the days that both of us are happy as can be. Even today, the Bobster and I almost had words about what to feed her as he thought my choice would be disdainfully left. Well, for a change she ate it but only after he had cut it into little pieces for her. Oh yes, soon we'll catch the mice for her too!

The irony of it is that we also feed our Tigger ( feral ) daily and some other neighbourhood feline hooligans and you know what, they are grateful for the generic and inexpensive food in their bowl. They, unlike Mausi like the life of lounging lazily about until meal times.

If we could take our cat shopping, I fear that she would be the one making a scene at the check out counter, meowing like mad at the sight of a Kit Kat...and sadly we would buy it for her, just to keep her happy and quiet!

Never mind a cat whisperer, we need a cat owner's whisperer!