Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A Front Row Seat To Witness Village Life.

Where else but in front of the local surgery.

Today was an early start as I took a delightful older lady to the doctor's at ten to seven. The opening time was seven am and even with our early enthusiasm we were still at the back of a long queue. Coupled with a power cut ( scheduled of course ) it was a lengthy affair.

The Bobster will be glad to hear that she gave me four homemade Salzstangerl for him because she knows how much he likes them. Oops, did I say four? Eh, I meant two and a half...

I've become rather an ace at waiting and am organized with a book, scarf and a happy frame of mind. Apart from reading a novel there are many interesting tidbits. It seems that in Deutsch Schützen the early bird is the norm.

Dog walkers, walkers, cyclists and today a quad enthusiast defying any bird arias with the echoing amplitude of his large quad bike. Please don't misunderstand me, this wasn't a whippersnapper but a new settler in the village, of pensionable age. They way he lounged on it reminded me of Dennis Hopper back in the day...A late midlife crisis perhaps?

Sitting on a shady bench whiling the time away is one of those live in the moment tasks forcing one to be still and just be, be it one with nature, one with life or simply one with the surroundings.

Especially a bench outside a local surgery makes it even more poignant to sit and ponder on it. When you watch some run in, some walk in, some shuffle in and still other being wheeled in to cure their ails it helps one to appreciate a normal, simple and healthy life.

Life shouldn't be as complicated as we are fond of making it. As long as we are healthy, everything else can be sorted out...