Monday, 11 July 2016

We All Love To Complain About Our Weather, But...! the end of the day most of us carry on as before.

The only upside to this constantly worsening change in our weather seems to be a concrete proof that Global Warming does indeed exist. A few doubters heckle away and it makes me wonder what they have to gain from denying this whole business...follow the money perhaps?

Some of us only have to deal with extreme heat ( bad enough ) while others have to circumvent tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires and worst of water. Sadly, our voracious appetite for meat and goods is mostly to blame.

The plethora of " Of course there is no global warming. " reports and studies are now being questioned and the " For goodness sake let's stop this madness and save our planet " ones are being at least read and taken in. Surprisingly, meat and dairy consumption seem to be the main culprits of global warming.

Article in The Guardian.

Eating meat and all that it entails is so entrenched in our societies that it is difficult to change our habits. We have ham on our sandwiches, bacon and sausages for breakfast, cooked meat for supper and a Sunday roast too. One or two generations ago, eating meat was only a Sunday affair and not guaranteed either. Meat was jolly expensive.

Bob and I like meat, but we've decided to make more of an effort when we go shopping. Meat only once a week, if at all and less cold meats. If we go out for a meal, that gets counted too.

It's so easy to fall into a particular thought pattern,

" Why should we eat less meat, if everyone else keeps on eating the same amounts? "

" It won't make any difference if we cut our meat consumption, so why bother? "

But we should bother as we only have one earth, one life and our selfish attitude towards nature should be changed.

Gosh, it isn't the end of the world if you don't eat meat every day,
but it sure is the end of the world if you do...