Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A Change Of Route Or Should I Say Routine.

It definitely changes one's view...

The pink beauties alongside the little bridge guarding the vineyards of Deutsch Schützen.
The delightful and uplifting wheat fields sadly have their days numbered. The powerful harvesters are circling like the proverbial vultures.
Nature's perfect circle which might as well be a maiden's crown for her wedding.
A rather powerful colour combination and this rusty red reminds me that autumn is hovering on the outer edges of summer. The community hall of Deutsch Schützen is elegantly seen in the background.
Thankfully it was a bit overcast this morning although it does take the shine out of a landscape but regardless, the vastness of our plain is unmistakable.
I took this photo last week amid our heat wave. These bundles of hay ( or is it straw? ) are my favourites and I love the fact that they have been around each and every season for centuries.