Thursday, 21 July 2016

I've Been Bowled Over By A Tibetan Sound Massage.

An experience, that everyone should try sometime.

It is always the unexpected little corner shops, or in this case, out of the way Salons, that hold little nuggets of gold. Now and again the Bobster and I have driven on the country road in Hungary that connects Szmombathely to Eisenberg.

A real treat indeed, as it winds and meanders through the most poetically inspiring rural parts of west Hungary. Personally, I tend to picture Empress Elizabeth riding about in was part of her empire after all.

Halfway home, there is a village called Narda, which not surprisingly caught Bob's fancy and made him slow down enough, for me to espy a sign: Christine's Beauty Salon and commit it to memory.

Last month I ventured a toe over the threshold in order to have it and its nine siblings seen to. A pedicure and while there I saw that a therapist was giving these Tibetan sound bowl massages. Oh yes, just up my alley.

Yesterday the stars aligned in my favour ( maybe it was the full moon ) and I managed to get an appointment for one. When Bob came home for lunch and was regaled about my fortune, he was sceptical enough not to be envious ( that came later when I reported back ).

The sun was in its zenith and driving through the meandering road to get there was the start of my therapy and the good feeling still hasn't stopped since.

The massage itself has to do with sound waves that the many bowls made ( aided by the therapist ), which were circled about my body as well as the three placed on top of it. In some sort of way, it was out of this world and at times the vibrations of the sound bowls were powerful enough to make me feel rather Elvisy...all shook up!

Otherwise, my mind relaxed enough to be at ease and rest, perhaps being in a meditative state. As happens with good things, they do end, but even this morning I still feel marvelous.

For most folks, a massage out of the norm is not something they are open minded enough to have done, but it is often those occasions where we try something different, go a different way home or converse with someone different to the usual, that make life change from bland to interesting.