Friday, 15 July 2016

A Stormy Visit In The Suburbs Of Deutsch Schuetzen.

It doesn't matter how small a village, there is always a suburb or two!

A most stately acacia tree majestically towering over the suburb of Bergler Häuser. The slightly out of focus dot on the top right is actually a bird in flight.
As tall and unreachable as the top of this tree is, it seems to have been well manicured. Watching it sway with the strengthening wind was surprisingly soothing.
The one lane leading into suburbia. Akazien Weg is a hilly part of the village with the most amazing view over Deutsch Schützen.
Here you can see the outer edge of it.
I sat and chatted to one of the locals on a bench for quite some time and was privileged to see the deepening colours of a stormy sky.
Another bench not far from the one we sat on. Shaded by a giant tree and conveniently close to the road...nothing escapes you there. All comings and goings will be noted...

The gal I was visiting told me how quickly gossip starts up. She went to visit a neighbour of hers ( an elderly woman ) who happens to live with her single son ( who's not so young ) ...and the next day somebody asked her when the wedding might be!!! Good golly gosh.
Even yesterday morning, the storm had announced itself in style.