Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Ironic Sadness Of A Funeral.

A full house, admired by everyone but the star...

We humans are a strange lot. We fight with each other over the oddest of things, and often rather insignificant things. Many a family member or friend has been ignored for hours, days, weeks, months and god forbid, years, due to a perceived slight, insult, argument and feeling of being right.

I still remember a saying from my Dale Carnegie course: You can be right...but then you often end up alone.

That is the one extreme, but the other extreme of being overly polite in order to be liked isn't that great either. With the overly polite crowd, you never really know where you stand. Do they like you or anything of yours out of politeness or for real? A happy middle ground is needed.

When you ponder on the many feelings of being slighted, that have made themselves a comfortable nest in your mind, a lot of them are caused by someone close to you speaking in plain English, not the sugar coated variety. That little bit of plain speaking has a tendency to fester and morph into a huge balloon of negativity ( or should we call it righteousness ) that we schlep around with us, day and night.

Sadly, those plain speakers, who liberally use words that we don't like as they tend to hit the proverbial nail on the head, are actually those true friends that we should treasure and be glad to have alongside us in that journey called, life.

But back to the funeral. A funeral shouldn't be the only time that one has a full house. At funerals, people come from far and wide to pay their last ( and sadly, often only ) respects to the star of it and they realize that they should have made more time to visit earlier.

Isn't it ironic that it only takes 6 feet, to finally burst that balloon of negativity? Once you see the coffin lowered into the ground, you realize that those words spoken in anger, are mere words after all. That's one of life's greatest ironies: We only understand what was worth fighting over and what wasn't, once the 6 feet come into question.