Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Flowers, Cats And A Stork!

A stork parades around the village and perhaps, young couples should be alert!

A few cosmos standing to attention in front of a grass arch. Strong purple and lovely.
A wheat field not yet discovered by the harvester that is gurgling about our village. Isn't it awesome?
Look who has landed in a field near our Eisenberg? If you've had your fill of children, best to look away...just in case he'll pop up on your doorstep!
Appropriately enough, the car driving passed is the Kindergarten Taxi, Pree, on the way to pick up its passengers.

I love how Agatha Christie like it sounds to call a taxi by the owner's name. Finch in her novels, Pree in our area.

Isn't it a fabulous bird, worthy of being mentioned in fables...
To end off with here are our two cats. Tigger & Mausi lazying about on the windowsill watching the birds parading in front of them....