Monday, 18 July 2016

Happy Days Or Rather Happy Monday, Everyone.

A gentle way to start the week.

Would you believe that we've got this beautiful sunflower growing wild in our front garden? A jolly nice sight to stumble over...
For some reason, flowers love our garden. Both of us are rather mean regarding the caring of flowers. Unintentionally, but nevertheless, they reward us with a stunning display of beauty. This red siren is striking a pose in front of a discarded wine barrel.
Even half a sunflower can be a cheerful sight...
Except for the flowers, everything is recycled. Our farm was and still is littered with these old treasures lurking in corners, attics and barns.
Another side to our sunflower...
Nothing special, yet I love it. This woven basket was made by a friend of ours. He's about the last one who still knows how to use reeds in order to make baskets and decorations.
A meeting and mingling of red beauties.