Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Mighty Pull Of A Little Paw.

The Bobster stood no chance...

It isn't so bad in the evening, but the morning meal time of our Mausi is only doable if we get up at the crack of dawn. But, please don't fear that our little cat will go hungry, as she has wiles and is a rather crafty soul.

The time in question is 6.15 and once the six o'clock is passed by the big finger, Mausi hovers at the window, not to view a bird bath but to keep an eye on Bob and his meanderings around our, eh, actually her house. She knows where we keep the stash of delectables and any footfall into that room, has her off her perch like a shot.

Often it is a false alarm, as Bob stops at the kitchen to feed himself! Oh, you should see the disappointment in her eyes and body language.

" Princess, it is still eight and a half minutes till you get fed. "
Then he goes back to the computer and that often forgets to fill her bowl at the correct time. Well, yesterday was a classic and heartwarming production in front of my eyes.

I was perched myself in front of the telly, when suddenly Mausi jumped onto my outstretched legs and sat, facing Bob. He was naturally incommunicado in front of his computer ( getting a husbands's attention away from it is far from easy especially if it concerns things like taking out the rubbish etc ) and ignoring the world around him.

Our cat is clever, special, dear and oh so crafty. She sat there, on my legs, serenading Bob with such sorrow filled meows, coupled with a coquettish twist of her little head, that even my heart plopped at her feet. Bob stood no chance. The first little meow had him sever the invisible strings emitted by the computer, and take in firstly her and secondly the time.

" Oh my darling, I didn't see the time. Come, let's get you something nice to eat. "
Yes, I used to be his #1 darling...

Of course the irony of it all is the fact, that after her soulful, heart rendering and oh, I am so weak & hungry performance, she only eats for a minute and leaves the rest for later...


This isn't at feeding times, but it clearly shows who's the boss in our house! Too cute indeed...