Sunday, 31 July 2016

A Gentle Walk In The Eisenberg Vineyards.

Paradise awakes...

Nothing better than to see the sun rise. Birds were twittering and two deer were doing a hundred yard danger from me!
A road that can't help but look romantic. This early in the morning, most are asleep and the only sounds heard, are those of nature...a bird calling its mate, a mouse rustling the leaves on the side of the road and the odd horse neighing the tiredness away.
Sunday is my day to do a longer walk, and this is at the other end of Eisenberg, or at the beginning!
Eisenbergers do love their roses, and wherever one walks, one finds brilliantly coloured roses.
A purple salvia at the side of the walking promenade between the two Eisenbergs ( Weinberg & village ).
Last but not least, a romantic holiday home to rent in Eisenberg.
Imagine waking up and seeing vines, blue skies and bird-life? Never mind early breakfasts or evening cocktails among the vines...