Monday, 1 August 2016

Some More Visual Aspects Of Eisenberg.

Summer brings forth a special flair.

A mere vine stalk and yet a visual stunner, against the dark blue sky of an early morning. The sun shows us the power those leaves possess....they can make the good stuff!

As I was walking passed this field, the sun was illuminating this particular patch of grass so that it looked like a field of gold.
Oh, I hear you say: " Please stop vine-ing..." but it just looks so awesome.
About 500 meters down the road from the last photo is the home of our egg suppliers. Present, past and future....The mother hens were taking the little ones for a walk, and the glucking could be heard a mile away. Imagine trying to keep this lot in line?
" Quick, let's hide. She won't find us. "

Many a youthful plan was foiled by parental interference!
This photo, even though take in Eisenberg, shows how beautiful Deutsch Schützen is situated.