Friday, 19 August 2016

Shouldn't Olympians Also Be Tested For Character Enhancements?

Maybe the emphasis has been on the wrong test?

It will be interesting to see, how the powers that be respond to this hint of wrongness. Yes, this US swimming team debacle. Above the fray, one would like to think when talking about these rare individuals who earn an Olympic medal.

Of course it is the brush stroke of a rare few who paint the rest in a bitter tasting hue. Honestly, I have to say, that the achievement of this medal has been lost by the behaviour of the man more so than if he had been found to have taken banned stuff.

Telling fibs is bad enough, but telling fibs to the detriment of a whole city is just bad. Tourism is the life blood of their economy and having it instantly tainted ( as it happens with many a breaking news story being told of the heroic swimming team ) is beyond the pale.

Many a kid looks up to that small group who earn the ultimate, an Olympic medal. Many a kid will try to be like them. But, shouldn't the role of a role model have certain criteria along with it? Honesty, humbleness, kindness and hard work.

As a society we've dropped some standards of accepted & expected behaviour or is it more a case of nobody really cares about them? We are now so instant, that more likely than not, all is forgotten under the swept up carpet by next week, when something else of importance happens, mostly either a tr(i)umphant blunder or a celebrity wedding etc.

Somehow this is a turning point in and of society. At least I tend to think so. The threat of consequences needs to be reinstated. No matter how much of a star you are, you still need to be held accountable. Honesty, kindness and goodness needs to be given top billing again, because if not, what does it say about us?