Thursday, 4 August 2016

Once Is A Coincidence, Twice Perhaps Too, But Three Times Isn't!

That's when you wish you'd let it go to voice mail...

Honestly, there are sometimes long stretches of time, when we don't go out at all...and which has Bob going up the wall! No Frühschoppen, no ' oh, they're having a party ' and no Buschenschanks for a few months on end.

As you might have gathered, I am rather fond of being at home, while Bob does like the odd night out. These last few weeks though, have been a constant frequenting of Buschenschanks and Frühschoppen ( well, that one we did work at ) and not because we are Buschenschank hoppers but because in Bob's case, the stars aligned in his favour and in my case, it was a bit of socializing and showing off our beautiful area.

As out of the way as we are, there is a proliferation of entertainment about. Buschenschanks, music festivals ( Mike & Heli's speciality ) and popping over for a B.B.Q.

Learning to say:" No, but thank you for asking us. " is vital for a long and healthy life as otherwise, before you know it your dance card is full and evenings at home far and few between.

Yesterday evening we attended the Buschenschank at Schloss Kohfidisch with my parents and guests from Australia ( take note of letters 6 & 7, which constitute a whole world of difference sometimes unnoticed by post officials ) and sat in the front garden, surrounded by history and good cheer.

Yes, it was packed to the rafters and for a Wednesday evening, a nice compliment to the hosts. Say what you like, but sitting and sipping a glass of Grüner Veltliner in a regal setting leaves even staunch republicans in a content state, imbibing history and enjoying life.

For a while now, I have been going for weekly walks with a lady from Eisenberg and she usually phones me on Wednesdays to arrange a suitable day and time. Lo and behold, the last few times that she has phoned, yours truly has answered the phone at a Buschenschank, which even if I didn't tell her, she would have guessed from the background chatting of all and sundry, who with each subsequent glass of wine, hold court a little bit more audibly.

" Oh, are you out, aaagggaaaiiin? "
but, she was laughing and even rescheduled our walk for Saturday instead of today...did I mention that I start off at 6.30 am?