Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Walk On The Wine Side.

A cheerful picture a day might keep the doldrums away!

Where to start...somehow, even walking the same route numerous ( ! ) times, I still stumble over interesting and nice images. As you can see, wine in its various shapes and guises is never far away.
An old wine barrel has many uses. This red solo blossom is rather fetching, don't you think?
A different side to the Eisenberg Weinberg. This was the site of last week's Kellergassen Fest.
One the main dates on the Eisenberg social calendar.
As small as our village tends to be, there is still a hint of a social pecking order.
A change of perspective to many villagers. Most only drive passed on the road at the bottom and never take the time to walk up the hill and see this side of Eisenberg.
A rose is a rose, you might say. But each of these stunning roses deserve to be admired.
I hope you day will be as cheerful as these roses.