Saturday, 6 August 2016

An Ice Cold Success Story.

...and the world over too.

Usually we dedicate Friday afternoons toward a shopping excursion into Oberwart. You know, all the bits and bobs one needs to make it through the week. Coffee beans and cat food. Somehow, The Bobster and I have created a cat with food phobias or rather a spoiled cat!

Anyway, there we were doing the rounds of Oberwart's shopping center ( E.O. ) when I had a Pavlovian reaction while walking towards the ice cream parlour. ( And by the looks of it, most of the other shoppers did too). The little devil on my right shoulder made sure that I didn't listen to the angel on my left shoulder. It was a hot day and I wanted a lot of ice cream. Three scoops to be precise.

They have homemade ice cream in about twenty flavours and each and every time I've listened to my devilish companion, I mysteriously found myself in the queue to purchase one. Having to wait a few minutes for my turn is sometimes a good thing, as it affords me enough time to choose between the flavours even though, I stick to my favourites in any case.

There are some seating areas just in front of this ice cream place and while I sat there yesterday, feeling and looking ecstatically happy ( who wouldn't ) I saw how people just kept on queuing up. The poor man behind the counter didn't get any breaks and more than likely dreams of scooping out ice cream in his sleep.

As a business, wow. How divine. How fitting that a dairy product is the proverbial cash cow. Sitting there and seeing all sorts of customers become little kids again, drooling at the thought of the first taste, was too precious. Young and old were put in front of the same conundrum...what flavour to choose.

Devouring ice cream on a hot summer's day is one of life's great pleasures...