Sunday, 21 August 2016

Did I Or Didn't I Lock The Door?

A rather comical end to a night out.

It was one of those perfect evenings, balmy, warm and full of parties. Two in fact or actually one party with the other one being a sun downer. My American parents are visiting and just for yesterday we went to different parties. Bob and I had been invited to a birthday bash and my folks went to my Burgenland parents for sun downers.

In a reverse sort of way ( didn't they do that to us as teenagers? ) we arranged a hiding place for Le Clef. Did I mention that our birthday bash was at our next door neighbour? The plan was for my folks to walk the 3 kilometers back home ( they wanted to exercise and refused Bob's offer to fetch them. New Yorker's love walking in any case.)

At one stage I walked over to our house to visit the Ladies ( it was closer and no queue ) and thought no more of it. Fast forward to our return home at a decent hour, it hadn't struck eleven yet, and as we were talking and looking for Le Clef, we noticed the door wasn't locked but just leaned to.

" Bob, I think they're home already. "
but as I walked into the house, it felt sort of empty and untouched by the inevitably signs of return; haphazardly discarded shoes, jackets or light still playing chicken with moths and mosquitoes. Were they home and asleep already or did I forget to re-lock the house when I had visited our loo earlier on?

Bob suggested I look into their bedroom, but I was in a conundrum...can't wake them if they are there, can I ? Yet, in the same way that many a parent has done, I wondered if they had crossed paths with a fox, wild pig or some such on their way back? Oh yes, those were the dangers we faced in our youth, didn't we, Bob?

For the next half hour I went through each and every step in my mind, trying to see if I had forgotten to relock our house or if they were home.

' I am sure I locked it again. '
' They wouldn't have gone to bed already '
' The other day I also forgot to lock the door. Should I be worried? '
Oh my, I would never live it down if I locked them out for even a few minutes never mind a whole night. The last time my Dad came to visit ( he was a day early ) I hadn't gone shopping yet and he had to eat the proverbial dry bread for supper. Somehow I've lost count of how often he has recited the " I had to starve " incident ... Being locked out all night, quelle disaster!!

Bob suggested to leave our door unlocked just in case and I was leaning towards it, when all of a sudden I heard my dad slam a bathroom door.

Oh, I was relieved indeed.