Tuesday, 9 August 2016

There Was A Little Bee Called David...

A modern day interpretation of David & Goliath.

Bees are the lifeblood for all of us and in our garden we tend to make a queenly home for them. Planting plenty of lavender bushes and not mowing the lawn as soon as it looks natural instead of that freshly cut artificial look. All those perfectionist gardeners do more harm than good in regards to bees...

Anyway, Goliath ( a.k.a. The Bobster ) motored off at 5.45 am on his moped to get to work...and came back three hours later looking and feeling less than perfect after having been beaten in the ring by this one bee, which I have named David. This tiny bee had flown into his path and given Goliath a sting above the eye.

Well, The Bobster looked as if he'd been floored by Mike Tyson and there was no sight of his eye as it had swollen shut. As Bob is allergic to bee stings, I grabbed the car keys and rushed him to the doctor.

" Don't worry, I can breathe. This bee stung me a few hours ago. I worked until I couldn't see anymore. "
Still, I drove daringly fast to our local doctor and it was quite funny when we got there. As luck would have it, the waiting room was filled to capacity and everyone looked twice. Some turned away perhaps thinking that my Bob was an angry pugilist, some had a look at me for the same reason, and a few wise ones straight away mumbled about the painfulness of bee stings.

Our local doctor is just the bee's knees and he administered to Bob's problem and at the same time took his blood sugar reading and blood pressure too. All perfect! Equipped with salves and eye drops, we went home, via my parents place to get some ice cubes for a cold compress.

This morning, it is better and less swollen. Thankfully, Bob had his bee sting tablets on him and took one as soon as it happened. But it is still scary to see how much damage a little tiny bee sting can do. Well, our week started off with plenty of excitement and adventure...