Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Many Facets To A Lazy Summer's Day.

Bursts of activity balanced by the general summer lassitude.

The day started off rather early with the alarm going off at half past four, which seems to be that time of day where sleep is devilishly hard to shake off. But, Bob was heading out at six in the morning and I, in wifely support, took over the job as keeper of the alarm clock and that was a good decision...Bob might have tossed it against the wall and merely turned back to the world of dreams and make believe.

Funny, how the day still races past even though we had an extra two hours to appreciate it. By nine o'clock, a time where others might finally heed the shrill siren of their alarm, I was on my way to Kohfidisch in order to get petrol. It is rather nice how a need for fuel turns into an excursion of sorts.

Equipped with fuel containers which, by the way still reek of petrol even when empty, I set off on my drive to Kohfidisch and was rewarded with a visual feast of green vines, green trees and green fields. The nice side effect of less traffic ( often you can count the cars that pass you on one or at the most, two hands ) is an ability to absorb and appreciate the view a bit more.

As it was getting warmer and warmer, I drove straight back home and put the filled petrol cans into our earth cellar, ready for Bob to use them when his moped is feeling thirsty.

Feeling a tad bit tired, I made myself comfortable on our couch and before you knew it, Bob had returned for lunch. Mausi gets so excited whenever she hears the approaching sound of his moped and doesn't know whether to hop on her window sill perch or race to the front door. Regardless, you can see her quiver with excitement and anticipation.

After Bob headed out again, I donned my gardening outfit ( long pants, sun hat, sturdy shoes and loads of sunblock ) and with wheelbarrow in tow, headed out into the wilds of our back garden. The hedge had used telepathy to beckon me along. It wanted a short back and sides and that is what the next few weeks are dedicated to. Oh yes, big hedge and sheers sans motorized power.

Two hours seemed a good enough quota for the day ( never mind that my arms refused to scissor the sheers closed one more time ) and the rest of the afternoon and evening were spent tranquil, unhurried, relaxed and content.

Somehow, most of us have made our lives a sum total of rushing, doing, stressing, hurrying, worrying, fretting and feeling guilty when not doing any of them, that in a strange way we've forgotten what living a real life is all about...