Sunday, 7 August 2016

Rambo Returns To Eisenberg.

An epic adventure with a happy end.

I bet most of you had an eighties flashback ( no, not Flash Dance ) and a picture of Rambo in your head. Love him, hate him, but most of you boys tried to emulate him! Many a headband and vest were sold in that effort, not to mention the valiant attempts at beefing up...

Perhaps the start of the Gym craze was ignited by Rambo and The Terminator back in the eighties?

The Rambo I am talking about is a vast bit smaller in stature and a pet. In fact, a really small
" chihuahua," who had ventured outside his yard sans permission. Normally that wouldn't have been a problem, but this little sweetie had just been rescued from the pound a few days earlier. His sense of direction would have been non-existent and before you blame the owner, it was more of a case of someone coming to visit and forgetting to shut the gate.

I was rather amazed ( and not in a good way ) at how a lot of the people I asked to keep an eye out for Rambo, had unkind words to say about the owner and her ability to keep a gate closed. Really, very unkind indeed. This poor lady was out looking for six days on end, driving up and down our neighbourhood, our forests and byways.

Whenever I went out, my eyes were scanning the area and when I went for my walks, I would meander about shouting: " Rambo, Rambo, come here my boy..." and not surprisingly my moniker as the Odd one was given a further polish, because some might have thought I was pining for the Rambo of the eighties.

On Friday morning, Bob was driving ( on his spiffy moped ) home from work, when he saw a little dog matching Rambo's description loitering in the road close to where his owner lives. Bob stopped and tried to attract the little dog to him with many Rambo calls, but alas, he ran off in fright when he saw a big figure with a helmet to boot.

The minute Bob told me, I phoned the owner and she sounded extremely dejected and heartbroken, as she had just returned home from another futile foray into the woods etc. I told her about Bob having seen a little dog almost outside her yard. She quickly thanked me and went outside to look for him.

About ten minutes later, she phoned me back almost in tears. Her Rambo had stood right outside her gate and even though he was a bit thinner, they were both ecstatic at being reunited. What a clever little guy, to find his way back home.

Honestly, I shed a few tears of joy myself

This dog has lived up to his name sake...a survivalist specialist who managed to outsmart foxes, bucks, wild boars, heavy tractors and fast cars for almost a week.