Thursday, 11 August 2016

Even An Overcast And Grey Day Holds Beauty.

It doesn't always have to be sunny in paradise...

These two horses ( of course to me they seem more like naughty kids ) have their abode just around the corner from us. Sometimes they give me a head's up and other times the lushious grass gets their full attention. Horses are like equine ballerinas, don't you think. Grace & beauty.
A cottage hidden in plain sight. The other end of Eisenberg, the Weinberg side, is not too shabby either...
Walking along the forest lane, I stumbled across this emerald green meadow framed by two guard trees. Too beautiful.
Overcast as it was, the sky was the most divine shade of blue. Aren't these vines more like an English garden?
A Kellerstock with the distinctive green trough used during harvesting...not yet, not yet!
Imagine spending a few months relaxing in this little cottage. A slow holiday that really helps one to unwind.
Another neighbour down the road keeps such attractive red flowers in her front yard, that I had to take this photo. These two angels are a perfect bookmark for them and a perfect addition to our village.
The last two Fridays we've had a funeral in the village and that brings home the point of live and enjoy it now, not sometime later...