Monday, 29 August 2016

And Just Like That We Had No Electricity.

The expected power outage arrived half an hour early.

Our electricity provider is very good and particular with their timing. When and if they need to work on the grid, they announce it a week earlier with numerous reminders all over the village. The secret of course, is that one needs to read it carefully.

So, there we were, suddenly without electricity and plenty of time on our hands. Most modern time thieves are reliant on electricity and without any fanfare, the TV, computer, and most importantly the wi-fi went on strike.

Bob and I are so used to our morning routine, that we were both at loose ends. Bob, but just for a second, decided to go and work in the yard until he remembered a book that needed perusing. It was similar for me. Ten minutes to kill before my walking group suddenly seemed like hours. Good grief, it seems that Bob and I are slaves after all.

At 6.45 were most are still asleep and I am guessing that a lot will oversleep due to a defunct electric alarm clock, but a few made the best of it and were either in their garden, cycling or walking.

One friend in my walking group almost couldn't make it as her garage wouldn't open. Not to mention that all important first cup of coffee which she had to have after our long walk. No, she wasn't cranky.

Luckily, the power cut only lasted for 30 minutes but it makes you realize how our lifestyles are geared towards always being electrically connected. Some will say, that their Smartphones work without electricity, but don't forget, that they also need their batteries recharged with electricity.

As for reading the signs posted all around the village, I need to learn only to read the ones close to our house. It turns out that the various suburbs were having their electricity cut in relay. Oh yes, even in a small village of 300 odd souls, we have suburbs...