Friday, 5 August 2016

Walking Into A Sunshine Filled Friday.

Is there anything better and more beautiful than seeing the day awakened by sunshine?

Eisenberg's majestic tree watching over it and the chapel...I often wonder how many stories it could tell and who's sat beneath it, never mind who planted it all those years ago.
These happy sunflowers are in one of the neighbourhood's garden and as you can see, they are ecstatic to be tickled by the sun.
Clarity is usually found behind the ambiguous, dubious and life too!
A picture that has many sides to it, the longer you have a look.
This little blackbird must have been close to a worm. Luckily it didn't budge until I was almost next to it.
Goodness, this has a touch of art about it. Aren't reflections often distorted by the lenses of the camera or our eyes...