Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Online, A Place You Can Never Go Too Far.

It helps that nobody can see you.

Remember the good old days when you actually went to visit friends in person? Where you'd sit around, drinking coffee and having chats or conversations instead of online hangouts. Nothing better than exchanging ideas, happenings and events face to face.

Naturally, there was always the one, the one who'd tell lewd ( not crude ) jokes or stories, those that made most look away, some shake their heads and a few do laugh at it. The teller of these jokes or stories could see the reaction caused, by the eyes shuttering down and the smiles changing to frowns.

Being online ( mostly Facebook, which tells a lot about my age, doesn't it? ) makes people fearless when it comes to sharing stuff. Oh, I know that I also share some e-cards, those that are funny but not in a lewd sort of way ( I hope! ), because we all need more laughter in our lives, but some do share extremely iffy stuff and they don't know even when they've gone too far.

Unfriending ( good lord, that is an accepted word now ) someone on FB is a statement, a statement that the other person usually doesn't realize for weeks. They only find out when they want to send you something and even then they might think you've been hacked. Not in a million years would they equate it with their public lewdness.

Are we, as a society, unlearning social strictures and behaviours? The P's & Q's or rather the Please & Thank you's have mostly fallen by the wayside already. Who shows us what is acceptable or not? Sadly, most of us are too scared of offending someone and thus hardly every unfriend or write a note saying:

" Please don't post these things, they are not cool.

We need an emoticon that says:

Hey man, that's not cool nor funny.