Sunday, 28 August 2016

A Delightful Garden Disguised As An Art Gallery.

Never judge a book by its cover or a house by its wall.

Yes, those legs sticking out of a barrel might be a clue to what lies behind the door, but even though, it was like stepping into a wonderland.
There were so many points of interest in Artist Brigitte Wagner & her husband's garden. They have lovingly created such an awesome garden oasis, that one didn't know what to see first and more importantly, what to perhaps try and emulate in our garden.
Eh, I was talking more about the round brick seating area, not the lady.
Brigitte Wagner: Wandobjekte & Design
Throughout their garden they have placed little table arrangements that lend themselves divinely for an afternoon's tea or a boozy lunch...Most of the outdoor furniture is recycled. Fabulous. Most of my photos are more of those little niches and not of her actual artwork, but one can see her artistic style by the colours, flowers and various props around the seating places.
One of her paintings, displayed with panache.
What a wonderful addition to a rain collecting barrel. Just love that magnetic pink of the floating flowers.
A wine barrel needs some framing. Beautiful, isn't it? When I took this photo, the artist's husband came and made me try one of the Nasturtium blossoms. Nice and spicy indeed.
Another lady in a barrel...there were also many charcoal paintings and oils. What Brigitte specializes in, is room art...which also tends towards making the best out of every space.
Bob and I were re-energized and have already talked about setting up some niches in our garden.