Monday, 15 August 2016

A Bit More Nature And Beauty.

A sedate start to this Monday, another public holiday.

The green leaves of our hydrangea, which this year has only produced one purple flower, are strangely magnetic.
This photo tickles me pink. To yield or not to yield...
A vine in our backyard. Oh yes, just in case of a dearth of wine, we've planted two vines ourselves and can be rest assured of a glass or two of grape jam at least! At the moment, they are more decorative than anything else.
A cheerful bunch of flowers weaving their place through the old wagon wheel we've placed outside our barn.
What this wagon wheel might have pulled in its lifetime? Old things do have such charm, don't they? Lucky for us, isn't it?
Another floral diva being attractive.
The Hydrangea makes a nice ending.