Thursday, 14 July 2016

Imagine Going On Holiday In The Most Divine Place Of All!

Your own four walls...

Have you ever weighed the stresses involved in actually arriving at a destination against the ease of merely staying at home? By staying at home, I do mean that your home must be treated as a holiday zone and not a place for donning tool belts, or bringing out the cleaning utensils.

For want of more privacy you could even park your car somewhere out of sight so that you won't get visitors. An added layer of excitement for sure.

The run up to a holiday involves numerous argument laden discussions, comparing costs, buying new clothes ( yes, beachwear etc ) house sitters, pet sitters and a foreboding of having to max out a credit card or two. Never mind the actual journey, where you need to be on your toes in order to get to your flight on time.

Now, imagine spending a holiday in your own four walls:

  • No clothes to be packed.
  • Two extra days of to and fro travel.
  • You can buy the most luxurious ingredients for your meals or go to an expensive restaurant and still be under budget.
  • You can make little day trips or even spend a weekend at a Spa.
  • You won't feel guilty reading all day as you've seen the sights in your neighbourhood.
  • You actually get to spend real quality time in your own home...usually it's only the weekends.
  • You won't be disappointed with the accommodation or scenery and thus be more at ease and less cranky with your family.

We've been conditioned by advertising that the in thing to do, is to travel to foreign climes and take loads of pictures that never even get a chance to be leisurely shown over a cup of coffee at a later stage as they get posted instantaneously online. Often I do wonder whether people see the sights they like or those that look impressive online?

A step in between going to a different country or staying in your own home, might be exploring your own county or country which many of us have never really seen apart from school trips back in the day...