Saturday, 16 July 2016

Seeing Life Through Rose Tinted Glasses.

Don't knock it until you tried it...

As you know, the Bobster and I have recently splashed out and ordered a round of new specs. They were so jolly affordable ( cost less than a Schnitzel and a beer ) that quite a few of our friends and family copied us.

Prescription sunglasses are often an elective even though they should be a must for the four eye's brigade. Cunningly most medical aids eschew the cost of glasses because they know that only seeing a hazy outline doesn't cut it after a while, except for sunglasses, where we all tend to close an eye or often two!

Family visits are fabulous and on one of them a pair of authentic Ray Ban Sunglasses was left behind and like a pig sniffs out luxurious truffles, so I discovered these Ray Bans at the back of a cupboard.

They were in the trendy Hollywood style ( big and dark ) and I walked in them even when the sun had hidden somewhere else and it might have added another layer of eccentricity to my persona as I am usually covered in a huge scarf in summer to escape the sun's biting rays. Surprisingly my eyes sort of adjusted to these sunglasses even in rain and snow until...

Choosing our prescription sunglasses at Fielmann was such a revelation and not only for suddenly being able to read the proverbial small print. They let us choose between nine different shades of darkness and the most comfortable for me was a dark yet rosy hued lens.

Fast forward two weeks and my new sunglasses are glued to my face and how could they not be when everything looks so nice. The trees are more alive, the roses a deeper red and the sky a shade of blue to bring tears of joy to one's eyes. Even though I am already Burgenland's #1 fan or perhaps #2 behind the Bobster all of a sudden I am walking about with a permanent grin on my face.

The world we live in is peppered with bits we'd rather not see, but luckily not majorly so,
( don't forget that the lens of media is a huge magnifying glass ) as there are millions of wonderful, divine and soul soothing sweet bits in our world. Getting rose tinted sunglasses is a divine way to magnify the good in our world....

" You think ink it!