Monday, 25 July 2016

Thank Goodness We Took A Torch Along.

The relaunch of the local Bergfest in the vineyards.

Could anything be more romantic, nice, traditional and a breath of fresh air than a gathering in and among the vineyards of Deutsch Schützen? Well, the walk there and back was a close second.

Saturday evening, the weather gods decided to smile on us and kept the showers away, although a bit of it might have cooled us down slightly. There was a young jazzy type of band accompanying the whole evening, much better than those loud oom-pah-pah bands usually favoured which cuts conversation down to a few seconds between songs.

This band,Chalk, Cheese & Pepper, was good and the singer's voice fantastic. The mostly did cover songs but still, people were standing talking to friends while tapping their feet in tune or swaying their hips in memory of when they attended the real concert.

As the crow flies, this Bergfest was about 1 km away from us, as the road runs, about 2,5 km and as to the Bobster's shortcut, 1,25 km! We left home at about six in the afternoon and tried to walk slowly in order to keep the sweat at bay. It had been a hot afternoon which wouldn't yet budge for the cooler evening.

Going home a few hours later, was fun. Street lights aren't dominant in the vineyards and when we had to go through a long stretch of forest ( oh, not like Hansel & Gretel as there was a road ) we were jolly glad for our torch showing us the lay of the road.

It took us about fifteen minutes and at times we both were a bit spooked. The dry leaves at the side of the forest road crackled a few times and both of us weren't sure whether it was from the tiny feet of a field mouse, a rabbit, a buck or the dreaded wild pig!

Boys being boys, The Bobster ( when he got hold of the torch ) played games and tried to illuminate into the forest with an appropriate horror soundtrack. Even though I complained in a wifely manner ( screeching and nagging ) he would have stopped eventually, as I think he also got a bit spooked himself...all in all, it was a nice evening.

Couldn't get a nicer venue! The wine bar, with all of the local vintners exhibiting their wines, was not too far from our table...
Bob, was enjoying himself and so was everyone else.
The band had their own little tent and were just taking a break. It was such a nice change to be able to have conversations while they were playing. Great choice.