Saturday, 9 July 2016

Sometimes, Looking Back Isn't Such A Bad Thing.

How many of us forget to be proud of what we've achieved?

In a world where just about everything is measured by the weight of your purse, the manner in which your bank manager bows before you, the number of rooms in your house or the symbol attached to your chariot, it doesn't take very long to be disenchanted at times.

Somehow we've all forgotten the core values that maketh the man... respect, diligence, honesty, hard work, happiness, patience, forgiveness and kindness. These rather old fashioned concepts of personal development have been pushed onto the fringes of society as without them those empty symbols of wealth are often achieved. It shouldn't be a choice of one or the other as that might morph schools into money making machines which run without the oil of respect, honesty, manners etc.

Once we've been launched into the world at eighteen, twenty-one or later ( hotel Mamma residents ) we have to navigate the myriad of turbulent waters with the parental and scholastic education and advice given. Yes, our parents instill those important mainstays of and to our lives but often they get blurred by the ease at which a lot of people get ahead without them...

The world is full of sheep that follow the herd, but once you've dusted off your inner wealth and feel the weight of it anchoring you in your daily life, you become the captain of your ship and not a crew member in that massive Dreamliner conceptualized by eager corporations who by virtue of advertising plot the course taken.

So take the time and recount the many nice things you've done and long as you didn't compromise your core values along the way. Most of us have a mental cupboard full of these type of experiences ( or shouldn't we call them the elixirs of our lives? ) but have allowed ourselves to misplace the keys to it as it tends to be unfashionable to live life unless it contours the herd.