Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Road Less Traveled.

The back of Eisenberg is also suitably romantic, don't you think?

The little chapel on the hill being guarded by this wise old tree. What has it seen through the ages?
A closer look at the two sanctuaries offering to counterbalance the turbulence of a life lived, or just a place to meet each week. Amazing really, how churches are most often situated in prime positions....
The other side of Eisenberg. The few houses at the bottom are in Hummergraben Lane, the usual locale of Sommerrock Festival which has morphed from a mere birthday & happy to be bash into a showcase of Austrian bands...and our local wines!

The row of houses at the top is colloquially referred to as Millionaire's Row, and that doesn't need further explanations!

One of the many hunter's towers in our area, but it wouldn't surprise me if it had or is used for romantic twists.
A right turn brought me alongside a blossoming pumpkin patch. The orange flowers of the budding pumpkin are refreshing and awesome.
Closing the loop of my Eisenberg walk at the other end ( or beginning ) of our village which has a goose farm guarding it. Their goosey conversations do sometimes sound like a shrill convention of women and I am not surprised that the collective noun, Gaggle of Geese, isn't only reserved for geese...