Sunday, 17 July 2016

Many A Repartee Are Usually Fashionably Late.

A big party was had...

There are only a few who have mastered the art of quick and delightfully witty comebacks or perhaps they've always had it yet one only notices it as a grown up. Back in the days of school most of us never heard a word uttered by anyone else as we were so intent on saying our bit of whatever.

How many parties, BBQ's and weddings have you been to that have made you ponder on the best repartee to a round of verbal sparring...but only the next morning? You know, these seemingly random, innocent and off the cuff conversation stoppers aren't often more than an opening lunge from verbal sparring partners who graze longingly about a party trying to find a perfect fit in wit. A bit of verbal culling perhaps?

Only this morning I was lazying on the couch going over a missed opportunity to repartee a rather innocuous exchange yet, words do have a substrata of meaning after all.

Of course, conversing at a party ( which has live bands ) doesn't lend itself to smooth sailing. There are only so many time you can acceptably say:" Eh, sorry, I didn't hear you.", before you just start to nod along despite only skimming the surface of the story and with luck getting every fifth word...

Embarrassingly, one can also step into the quagmire of a sudden cessation of noise. How often have you shouted the last words of a private conversation only to realize that these pertinent words had jumped over the fence of privacy?

Mingling and meandering about a big party is far from boring. Passing by the various pockets of conversationalists often reveals some salacious nugget of knowledge and if one is quick of foot and meandering, one can catch the end of a story on the return trip.

Last night was another great party put on by Mike and Heli. This was the fifth edition and hopefully there are many more of them ahead...Sommerrock 5 was a hit.