Friday, 22 July 2016

And Then The Light Tripped.

Accompanied by the appropriate snack, fizzle & pop...

I am not sure if the text from our insurance company awoke me, or if it was Mausi fidgeting about. Did I mention it was just after two in the morning? At least the witching hour had passed.

A storm with all its unpleasant accomplices was shouted off the roof tops, well, the modern roof tops...the ubiquitous mobile phone. Gosh, even before I hastily read the text ( one does wonder whether the lotto was won, or some competition, or some rather inebriated friend choosing this moment to reconnect ) I felt a Shakespearean note all around me:

" When will we three meet again? In thunder, lightning or in rain..."
The dastardly storm was right above us, with the thunderous result of lightning only a smidgen away. Mausi was understandably upset, either mirroring my distaste of lightning or a natural fear of it, while his lordship, Lord Bobster was audibly sleeping next to us.

With duvet, pillows and cat in toe, I chose to change my sleeping quarters to a more quieter location, our lounge. After cuddling Mausi long enough to transmit to her the feeling that Mummy was there to protect her, we settled down to chasing a mosquito ( not me, in case you're wondering ) and reading a crime novel.

Ten minutes into the murderous plot, the lights tripped loudly and with a few sparkles to be followed with a pitch black house. Honestly, I was rather scared and braved the snores coming from the bedroom with great haste. The cat wasn't far behind me and made enough noise to awaken Bobster.

Appraising him of the situation, brought forth a...

" I hope you've unplugged everything? ", no! As soon as the storm had moved towards Deutsch Schützen I felt that it was safe to see to the lack of electricity. Even as I swung my legs off the bed, I was hoping that the man of the house would take over such an excursion. Our fuse box access is outside our house...

When he heard the rain, he had the decency to warn me about not touching anything electrical with wet hands...ah, he still cares about me... And with those few words, his lordship went back to sleep. Don't worry, the power was restored with my masterly flick of the switch.