Saturday, 23 July 2016

How Do You, Drink Your Wine?

Oh, one glass at a time!

Last night was one of those perfect summer evenings, an evening which folks in Denmark would give their eye's teeth for. The sun was setting and the temperature was cooling down to a more acceptable 25 degrees. A balmy evening indeed and one which lent itself for an excursion to a great local Buschenschank, Weinbau Stubits.

This particular one is within walking distance ( I know they all are, but this one could be reached in a pair of sandals or high heels ) and neither of us had to be the designated driver. A clear family favourite!

Sitting outside under the yet to be seen stars had to be celebrated with a glass of chilled white local wine. Chilled, being the operative word, is unfortunately interpreted differently around our village.

" I'd like an eighth of your Chardonnay. Oh, it is cold, isn't it, because otherwise just bring me an eighth of your coldest white wine. "

" Of course, but we've also got ice cubes."
Gosh, I nearly broke out in a song. Honestly, ice cubes are still not common here and the mere thought of putting one in your glass of wine, raises many eyebrows and gives cause for plenty of utterings...oh, those South Africans!

Only after the Bobster gave me a nudge under the table, did I calm down enough to order this glass of Chardonnay & ice cubes. Well, even though our waitress, who is the owner's daughter, offered the ice cubes, she did pause to ask me:

" Eh, did you say you'd like a glass of our ( obviously quality ) Chardonnay, with an ice cube in it? "
Say no more, say no order to not cause too much consternation at the bar, I asked her to bring me the ice cubes separately.

Back to my question, how do you like to drink your wine, when it is warm outside? Putting those ice cubes in it might offend the wine aficionados but at least it allows one to sip at the wine, and not drink it quickly. The alternative is too dreadful to imagine...a warm glass of Chardonnay, Welsh Riesling or Gürner Veltliner would give me cold shivers!

By the way, their Chardonnay was excellent with a hint of honey and their Welsh Riesling made a perfect foil with its hint of tartness or was it lime? Oh dear, I might have to drag the Bobster there again, in order to be sure...