Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Goodness Me, But Wasn't That An Exciting Game?

Iceland, you rock...

The Bobster and I were watching the games yesterday and the earlier Spain versus Italy affair was interrupeted by dinner and the odd online stuff. Funny how during these soccer tournaments he gets rather territorial with the remote control and any thought of seeing a romance ( which they do offer in defiance to soccer mad husbands ) is bounced away at the lounge door.

Don't tell him, but I do enjoy an evening of watching several games in a row. The iconic, historic and awesome Iceland versus England game had me enthralled and awake the whole time. What a team spirit, what a fan base and what an upset.

When did we last see such a enthusiastic and happy team? Usually they are littered with a jaded mega wealthy star and the rest of the ten understudies. It makes me wonder if it isn't a case of appease the ego of our biggest draw? Regardless, it often doesn't lend itself for excitement.

Iceland, you single-handedly have infused this tournament with excitement, euphoria and interest. I wouldn't be surprised if your government will sponsor each citizen a round trip to France for your next game and the final...

Even the local TV experts and commentators were like giddy little boys, brim full of excitement and not so neutral anymore!

After the match they played a snippet of your Icelandic commentator and I have to say, it was amazing and what soccer is all about. When the two goals were scored, he screamed at the top of his lungs and you could really hear the pride in it. Fabulous.

A classic tale of David & Goliath for sure and when one considers that Iceland only has 330 000 inhabitants it makes it even more poignant.

It's too late now, but those lucky few who've bet on Iceland from the start with cold hard cash, might just get a Leicesterian type reward.