Monday, 27 June 2016

Versatility Of Wine.

Comes in rather handy at this time...

Wine goes with everything...happiness, elation, celebration and the odd sad emotion. Wine is an honest drink, one that doesn't pretend ( well some might ) to be anything other than what it is. Red, White or Rose.

Wine tells its own history and the more developed your palate is, the more the structure of the wine reveals its background to you. From the vines' hangout to the vintners' signature.

Wine has already been around to supplement many a Roman's palate and throughout history, wine has been an important marker of it. The French dominance during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries is mostly gleaned from poems and novels of that time. Often I do wonder if even then their was a bit of wine snobbery in society?

By pure chance, or let me put it another way, we couldn't have planned it better, we've landed with both feet in a wine producing area. We are spoilt for choice as to where and what to drink. We are the lucky few who have access to the various Buschenschanks all year round.

Again wine proves its versatility as it helps to bring people together even if it entails the odd secret slipping vino veritas, but in all honesty, in a village our size, knowledge is gleaned from things such as a car parked where it shouldn't, a delivery van dropping off stuff and the empty cardboard boxes ( TV, fridge, or bigger ) left out on the curb for rubbish day.

Wine is the economic lifeblood of our area and luckily, the wine world is taking note of the various delightful wines of Südburgenland. Wine is, to my mind, recession proof:

We need wine to celebrate and we need wine to commiserate...