Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Feline Queen Of Fussiness Right Here In Our Midst.

A slight bit of desperation on our side.

From the start we knew not to do it yet we couldn't help ourselves. A little cutie like our Mausi deserved to be spoilt and if not her, who else?

A treat here, a yummy sachet of feline ambrosia there and our soup was cooked. The princess has a developed a new sport...Sniff the meal and walk away. Cheekily she doesn't even give it a taste.

" Mausi, eat your food! There are many starving cats in the neighbourhood who'd kill for this food. "
Even this age old parental stricture makes her shrug, shake a paw and meander away. For her of course, hope springs eternal and each and every feeding time she runs circles around Bob's legs in happy anticipation.

If you could see our cat food corner, you'd see a prolific selection of various types of cat food. Tried, tested and rejected by her majesty...

When she first came to live with us we made a point of only buying the best ( most protein content ) food for her even though it was outrageously expensive. Only once as the little lady didn't like those either.

If she carries on we'll have to start cooking meals for her and you know, that was how domestic cats were fed before the invention of mass produced cat food....are we really this gullible?

" So, my little Mausi, if you keep on turning your noise up at the sachets, you'll have to eat like the rest of us: porridge, pizza, pasta, vegetables, salads and perhaps a lentil stew...or on second thought, perhaps we'll leave out the lentil stew! "