Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Age Of Reason-ing.

Small village driving.

The art of reasoning is not given to the young or rather the newly minted drivers. Well, in my case it wasn't because as I recall my little chariot back then ( ancient to say the least ) did a fair speed between Pietermaritzburg & Durban. In fact, over and above the limit ( both car and speed ) at times with the ubiquitous symbol of youthful drivers: Windows rolled ( yes, before electric ) down and music blaring at full volume accompanied by the driver's yodeling!

Honestly, I cringe just thinking of it and how absolutely idiotic we must have looked either on a highway or even, shudder, idling while waiting for the traffic lights to change to green. Being young, one imagines those looks being of an envious nature but now, I realize they had a tinge of pity to them.

Thank goodness I escaped those early driving years without a scratch or ache. Trying to look with-it should be forbidden.

Anyway, fast forward to now and when I drive about in the village confines, I do so at a leisurely pace and always within the speed limit. Not because I am too old but it is rather a case of not wanting to be liable for a fine. On top of this, I have seen the odd deer hop unannounced across the road and even a real old dear too, and also rather unexpected.

Sometimes I drive the odd senior to and from the doctor's and naturally I drive sedately as I don't want to be the cause of a quick return trip to the doctor's.

Most of us villagers know each other's make of car and driving style. Admittedly, I think that I've been given the tag of a slow driver by most of the younger lot. How do I know? Well, driving back home yesterday, I noticed a speck in my review mirror morph into a car right behind, mere seconds later.

Do these drivers actually realize how daunting it is to have someone hovering so close behind? At least I haven't reached that certain age yet, you know, that age where one puts on brakes if someone keeps on driving to close...

This driver yesterday must have noticed it was me behind the wheel instead of a more speedy Bobster and when I looked again she had moved back 10 meters, knowing I wouldn't break the speed limit.

If only she knew that I was a risky driver too, back in the day.