Saturday, 4 June 2016

A School Reunion With A Modern Twist.

Nostalgia through the magnifying glass of Facebook.

Admittedly, I tend to be belong to the minority of people who didn't enjoy school a lot and thus I've managed to blend out rather a lot of it. The Bobster and his slightly older brother are in the other camp and can recall chapter and verse of each and every school day, fellow student and in one of their cases, ahem, the many detentions given by the various teachers.

Detention back then still involved a caning and that said brother can recall each punishment given and more importantly by whom and where each strike left a welt...

The other day a friend invited me into an online school reunion group. A rather elite group, as only those who've served time in a specific decade ( I dare not mention it for fear of revealing my age ) were allowed to take part. The Bobster, being a tad bit more youthful than I, just made it by the skin of his teeth...

Oh yes, did I forget to mention that we went to the same High School?

Anyway, I have to say that it is nice to rehash school days and I really enjoy seeing how and where everyone is. Some interesting statistics have been made glaringly obvious through this new way of holding a school reunion and as you will soon see, it might just be the only way to have it. One question asked, is still receiving replies but so far it is safe to say that just about everyone has left Pietermaritzburg and has settled in all corners of the globe.

Up until now I've not been to any real life school reunions but I can imagine that at those functions everyone gets more dolled up than at their own weddings and perhaps a few will be squeezed into spanx to disguise a growing girth. Never mind the pretend game of Gee, look how much I've got... Let's hope this new way to reunite is not frayed with exaggeration and glamour shots of cappuccinos had.

Some of the questions posed are rather fun to answer and peruse at our own leisure ( eg, Facebook snooping ) but honestly, I didn't answer the question about how each of us is managing our career path. Not because I am ashamed but because it sets us up for judgement and judging.

We aren't what we do but how we are.